MCT Powder: The Brain’s Fuel For Productivity

With our busy lives consumed with work, family, and other obligations, it’s no wonder why many wish for more hours in the day. Eating healthy and taking supplements are significant factors in keeping our bodies in physical shape and our minds sharp and productive. MCT is one trending natural supplement that affects brain productivity with a host of other benefits, ranging from weight loss and enhanced athletic performance to a ready supply of “fuel for the brain1.”

What Does MCT Stand For, And How Is It Helpful?

Triglycerides make up most of the fat that we consume. There are three main types of triglycerides:

  • Short-Chain Triglycerides
  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides
  • Long-Chain Triglycerides

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are beneficial for our health for a few reasons. The most straightforward explanation is that they are metabolized in our bodies faster. When ingested, MCTs can skip some digestive steps and move directly to the liver to be processed. Because of this attribute, these types of fats are less likely to develop into body fat.

Many people on the “Keto” diet supplement with MCT powder for precisely the reasons outlined above. MCT’s, help put one’s body in the state of Ketosis. Ketosis is when there is not enough blood sugar to burn as energy, so as a result, your body starts to burn fat as an energy source2.

Where Does MCT Powder Come From?

MCT powder is made from MCT oil, which is why it sometimes bears the name “MCT oil powder.” MCT oil is made from a combination of coconut and palm kernel oil. Both oils contain medium-chain triglycerides and long-chain triglycerides. Through a process called fragmentation, the long-chain triglycerides are removed, leaving you with MCT oil3.

MCT Powder To Help Brain Function

Known to some as “rocket fuel for the brain,” MCT Powder positively affects brain activity due to its quick absorption into our body. MCT’s can pass directly through the blood-brain barrier, which promotes healthier cognitive function. Also, since MCT’s have a shorter chain length, they are able to travel directly from the gut to the liver without requiring bile for breakdown like longer-chain fats do. This is how they can be used as a quick energy source for the brain.

Studies funded by Accera explored how MCT supplements might benefit those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Although short-lived, patients who were given MCT supplements showed improved cognitive function. These ongoing studies need more time to produce actual data for using MCT’s for these diseases4.

Scientists have found that MCT’s may reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. Because fasting increases ketone production, which reduces seizures in people with epilepsy, MCT’s can be converted into ketones that they have found beneficial in managing epilepsy.

“Taking MCT Powder has been shown to increase brain energy by 8-9%.”

Weight Loss And The Use Of MCT Powder

If you want to shed pounds, MCT powder can be a tool in your journey to a slimmer figure. MCT oil and powder have been shown to reduce body weight. MCT’s release two hormones, peptide YY and leptin, which promote a feeling of fullness. Also, our bodies process MCT’s differently than other triglycerides, which may help burn calories, and because they create an instant source of energy, our body tends not to store them as fat.

MCT Powder For Athletic Enhanced Athletic Performance

Athletes are boosting the reputation of this supplement because they are reaping the benefits of MCT athletic-enhancing attributes. The rising lactate levels during exercise can hamper an athlete’s performance. When lactic levels rise, soreness can deter an athlete from continuing their practice. MCT powder can reduce lactate buildup and allow for an easier workout5.

With the host of benefits that MCTs provide, adding a scoop of MCT powder to your smoothie might help you achieve weight loss goals, improve athletic performance and enhance cognitive brain function. Sweet perks from an all-natural plant source.

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