Fish Oil – A Surprising Secret to Weight loss and More

People that are looking to lose weight should consider fish oil weight loss. It involves the intake of a simple fish oil supplement which helps in losing a few pounds monthly. Unlike most weight loss supplements; fish oil does not make people feel jumpy and nervous. It also maintains safe levels of energy, enough to carry out daily activities. The overall health of a person is boosted by fish oil. In addition to weight loss, it also aids in memory improvement, boosts the immune system, and increases the fullness of hair. So how does fish oil help in weight loss?

Encourages fat loss and muscle building

Taking a couple of fish oil supplements daily can aid in fat loss and muscle building. Fish oil contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids which are good fats that improve inflammation in many parts of the body. These fats also have a provable effect on the bad fats known as triglycerides. Basically, omega 3 fatty acids help your body in metabolizing fat more rapidly and they also work as anti-inflammatory compounds. A study was carried out whereby subjects were given two grams of omega 3 fatty acids each day for six weeks. When the study ended, these people had lost more than two pounds of their body fat.  They also gained about one pound, but the amazing thing is that they did not change their diets or exercise. All they did was take the fish oil capsules daily and the weight was gone. Fish oil helps in the building of muscles. Muscles increase your metabolism rate as they require energy to function.

Decreases your appetite

Fish oil weight loss is safe. It does not make you starve but it makes you feel full in between meals thus preventing overeating. In one study, the subjects who took fish oil supplements did not consume anything in between their meals and they were full for longer. Over time, this will aid in weight loss without the usual hunger pangs that come about with dieting. How does fish oil help you in staying full? It releases a chemical known as serotonin which helps in controlling our mood and cravings. This effect is the same one that gives the oil its antidepressant properties.

Makes exercises more productive

Taking fish oil supplements increase the effectiveness of your workout program. In one study, subjects that took fish oil lost more weight than those who took placebo supplements. Both groups had the same diet, and they were subjected to the same workout routines several times a week. Taking fish oils increases the muscle mass of an individual. Therefore, when they work out, they burn fat faster as their muscles require additional energy.  The antidepressant quality that omega 3 has also helps people in developing a positive attitude during their workout sessions. They burn more body fat as a result and embrace the benefits of exercising. Fish oils also reduce inflammation thus making it easier for people to work out.

Minimizes fat storage

One study demonstrates that fish oil minimizes the risk of food being stored as fat. This is due to the increase of insulin sensitivity. It works by keeping the cells in the human body sensitive to insulin thus helping in weight loss. When your cells are more sensitive to insulin, the food you eat is less likely to be stored as fat.  Fish oil weight loss is the best kind of weight loss method. When purchasing this oil, you need to look for one that is free from impurities and unsafe substances such as heavy metals and pesticides. The label should state that the supplement is concentrated for it to be effective. This means that the fish oil needs to have as much omega 3 fatty acids per serving as possible. Pick one that contains at least 750 milligrams of EPA and DHA which are the beneficial compounds in omega 3 oils.

When you start taking fish oil, do not expect drastic weight loss. You will only lose about 2 pounds per month. While that is not much, the weight adds up over time without requiring any effort on your part. For maximum weight loss, you should incorporate a workout routine into your schedule several times a week. You should also try to follow a low-fat diet for better results.

In conclusion, fish oil has shown to be more than just weight loss, it has many other benefits to your skin and body that a lot of people are not aware of.  So continue to use this ingredient for weight loss as it will also benefit may other areas of your body.


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