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Vitajoy Announces 270,000 SQ FT Manufacturing and R&D Facility

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Browse through over 500 ingredients you’d like to learn more about.


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Vitajoy exhibits and attends tradeshows around the globe. See where we will be next.


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Request a sample and documentation from our vast library of high quality ingredients.


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Vitajoy USA offers an extensive range of ingredients as well as unique and custom products from around the world.

Why Choose Us

Vitajoy USA has built successful and lasting relationships with some of the biggest ingredient manufactures. Our selection process is rigorous, as we take the time visiting manufactures to ensure the delivery of high-quality ingredients.


Vitajoy has partnered with over 300 of the world's top manufactures to ensure high-quality ingredients in the various categories we supply.


We work with over 15 different countries from around the world to source and distribute high quality nutraceutical ingredients.


Vitajoy stocks over 500 ingredients in the USA. It is our "one stop shop" philosophy that allows us to meet the immediate needs of our customers without any delay or disruptions to their supply chain.

Full Transparency

Vitajoy USA provides 100% transparency and traceability. This allows us to supply a clean and pure product each time, making Vitajoy USA a trusted source in customer satisfaction.


"Within less than 9 months of bringing Vitajoy on as an addition to our supply base, they quickly became our top supplier and continue to maintain that status with ease. "

Margaret Rogalski

Peak Nutritional Products

Purchasing Manager

Make it Custom



We can produce any formula, size or even custom color you need.



We can produce any formula or size you require.



With over 70 different molds, the sky is the limit on your custom gummy requirement

Your Formula Bottles

In 3 Simple Steps

Vitajoy USA has partnered with the world’s largest finished product manufacturers. This allows us to supply you with custom capsules, tablets, liquid caps, softgels, gummies, or pre-blends.



Have a formula or concept? We’ll work with you to meet cost requirements, product goals, and provide solutions.



We will secure the materials and begin production. Our MOQ are very low and production lead times are typically around 8-10 weeks.



When your product arrives, we can store this in 1 of our 3 locations here in the USA and help minimize future lead times.


Vitajoy USA has 4 strategic locations around the USA to insure that we can provide timely shipments no matter where our customer is at.



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