What Does Vitajoy Have in Common with the KC Chiefs?

What Does Vitajoy Have in Common with the KC Chiefs?


The edge-of-your-seat, overtime NFL Super Bowl victory by the Kansas City Chiefs is a performance that won’t soon be forgotten by sports enthusiasts. It’s one that reminds us of the importance of teamwork. Along those lines it puts front and center how the core values of an organization are at the heart of winning, no matter what field you’re playing on.


Here, at Vitajoy, we have a winning team in our own right. And whether your company is a long-time or relatively new customer, or even a potential client eager to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can make a difference in your product line and your bottom line, we’ve got some important news to share with you. (And yes, we’ll get back to core values later in this article.)


First and foremost, some news. Our most recent “victory” is the opening of our brand-spanking-new manufacturing and R&D facility in Suzhou, China. For us, the launch of this state-of-the-art plant represents the latest step in achieving the promise from Dan Gu, our company founder and owner, whose vision for Vitajoy is, in part, to create a global encompassing company with key access points that make our customers feel like they’re part of a highly functional, service-oriented family.


For you, this new 270,000 square foot manufacturing and R&D facility means that we’ve upped our game.


Our vice president of sales and marketing, Casey Crane, recently returned to the U.S. from his trip to China where he met not only with Gu, but with customers and employees at the new facility to see first-hand what the buzz is all about. “I’m just going to say it,” said Crane, who’s worked in the nutraceuticals industry for over 20 years. “I was impressed.”


From high-tech machinery that will carefully and gently push out soft gels, capsules, tablets, or gummies, to granulators that can coarse-up powders, and blenders that will bring everything together, the production plant is a manufacturing work-horse. And a good looking one at that.


There’s also an entire floor dedicated to ensuring high quality, ingredient testing and customized formulation development. To help ensure happy and productive employees (the true heart of our business), there is a cafeteria which Crane called “welcoming and beautiful,” serving up three, free meals a day. For those employees who don’t want to engage in a long daily weekday commute, we’ve set up some dedicated sleeping rooms on-site, available at no charge.


According to Crane, “While we’ve always served customers both in the U.S. and abroad, the launch of our new manufacturing and R&D facility further cements our global footprint. What’s unusual—maybe even unique—is for a distribution company to have its own manufacturing plant. That’s what we’ve done and we have no doubts it will create long-term growth for our company and our family of customers worldwide.”


Think of the manufacturing and R&D facility as a one-stop shopping experience that we anticipate could bring cost- and time-savings to companies working with Vitajoy. “You don’t have to rely on middle men anymore meaning that we can better control timing for producing finished products for you,” said Crane. “What’s more,” he added, “the new plant also gives us the ability to produce our own ingredients in-house.”


Not only could you see long-term savings from long-term partnerships but taking advantage of working with Vitajoy’s new capabilities could also potentially improve your ability to manage your inventory. “Now we can do it all in-house, from raw materials supply, customized formulation, testing for quality control right through to sending you finished product,” advised Crane.


Let’s look at the annual production capacity stats for the new manufacturing plant:

  • 2 billion soft gels
  • 700 million tablets
  • 200 million capsules
  • 50 million gummies
  • 1,000 metric tons granulation
  • 800 metric tons blending powders
  • 400 metric tons blending oil powders


The new manufacturing and R&D facility focuses on the following industries: nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, food, cosmetic and pet nutrition. As a global ingredient supplier with in-house manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in global sourcing and ingredient distribution in the following areas: sports nutrition, botanicals, organics, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, collagen, sweeteners and more (just ask!). Our empty capsules are Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), considered safe for people and specifically preferred by vegetarians and vegans to gelatin.


Earlier in this article, we alluded to how the core values of an organization can make or break success. In the same realm, shared values go a long way toward a thriving partnership for both of us.


Here is what we value.


The Six Core Values that Vitajoy Lives By


  1. Integrity:We ensure honesty, prioritize transparency and act ethically to build trust with every customer interaction.

  2. Excellence: We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business by delivering quality products/services, exceptional customer experiences, and continuous improvements.

  3. Results: Our global supply chain, vertically integrated manufacturing, and personalized service delivers results and creates a unique, unparalleled experience for our customers.

  4. Quality: Our commitment to quality through dedicated and reliable processes extends to every product, service, and interaction.

  5. Customer Focus: Prompt, friendly, and effective support is the foundation of our business, and we are committed to proving the best results and value to our customers.

  6. Adaptability: Our agile approach ensures dynamic solutions to evolving needs, allowing us to respond quickly to market demands and optimize resources to better support our customers.

We hope if you share (at least some of) these six core values, you’ll want to learn more about us. Our goal is to rely on these drivers to propel us to victory and we hope you’ll join us on that ride.


You may have noticed in addition to our new manufacturing and R&D facility in China, we’ve also recently added a U.S. headquarters and distribution center in Dallas, Texas. Our other touchpoints in the U.S. include warehouses in California, Georgia and New Jersey.


In addition, we have a strong European presence, with The Netherlands serving as headquarters for our European customers.


Coming soon: look for the launch of our revamped, new website, including monthly articles like this one and Market Reports, all meant to serve as a resource for you, providing news-you-can-use and credible information about the supply chain and how we can help support your business. And, there’s a free bonus if you sign-up for it: our website will also house a Quality Document Center with access to all the ingredients we sell.


Questions? We’re here to help.

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