NMN – How to Turn Back the Clock with this Age-Defying Secret Product

As we age, we strive to keep a youthful look.  We hope to stay highly energized, and we are looking to keep our brain health intact.  There are many factors that can lead to positive health.  From exercise to healthy foods to quality supplements, there needs to be impactful changes.  One of those supplements involves NMN.  A derivative of Niacin, this powerful product plays a critical role in slowing the aging process.  As you body ages, your NMN levels begin to decline.  This makes it difficult for your cells to repair properly.  Now, with its ability to increase NAD levels, you’ll be able to turn back the clock.  This substance is needed to utilize ATP, and generate functional molecules to promote cell health.  Without increased NAD levels, cell death occurs, which will lead to more age-related problems.  Just the mere fact you are improving mitochondria—which are energy powerhouses of cells, you’ll avoid physical and mental decline.  In fact, according to Cell Metabolism, NMN, a key NAD intermediate, improved NAD biosynthesis and enhanced various pathologies in mouse disease models.  This study was conducted in a 12-month long NMN administration to regular chow-fed wild-type during the aging process.  Nicotinamide mononucleotide was able to lessen age-associated physiological decline in mice.  Additionally, NMN suppressed age-related weight gain, boost metabolism, and enhanced physical activity.  This demonstrates how effective NMN is in the anti-aging process.

NMN quickly enters the cells in the body, and is converted within minutes to NAD.  Furthermore, NMN can also rejuvenate elasticity of capillary walls, and help with blood vessel damage.  This can aid with blood flow and regulate hypertension, which will aid in regulating heart health.  Additionally, NMN enhances mitochondrial function, and protects the brain by improving NVC response—known as neurovascular coupling.  This refers to the correlation between local neural activity and the cerebral blood flow.  NVC adjusts blood flow, and releases nitric oxide from cell walls of the microvascular endothelium, which are tiny blood vessels that supply brain tissue. With its ability to boost endothelia cells in the brain, NMN will help improve cellular function and reduce cognitive decline.

Since NAD levels are lifted with NMN, human sleep cycles are greatly affected.  For instance, the circadian rhythm is impacted as you are awake, tired, and active.  In other words, high NAD levels helps you keep healthy sleep cycles and effective hunger patterns.  When NMN generates more NAD, it helps with multiple cell processes—and wards off cell deterioration, thus helping you reverse the aging process.  NMN also improves cell energy by enhancing growth and regeneration.  Moreover, supplementing with NMN helps regulate insulation activity to promote glucose tolerance.  This will help control metabolic conditions to improve your overall health.

The key is to increase NAD levels to avoid aging cells.  Though one of the things you can do is to eat a healthy diet, supplementation may be an option.  It’s hard to have adequate NMN levels from food alone—and that’s why NMN is important for that extra boost.  In saying that, NMN is naturally a safe and convenient way to enhance levels of NAD.

As you can see there are many benefits to NMN.  From staving off aging to enhancing brain power, this powerful product will greatly impact your health.  If you’ve struggled with mental and physical energy, NMN could be the solution.  Aging doesn’t have to come quickly.  Instead, put your trust in a product to rejuvenate your life and your health.  Are you ready for the transformation?

James P. Bavis and Ahn G. Nu Department of English, Purdue University ENGL 101: Course Name Dr. Richard Teeth Jan. 30, 2020
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