5 Myths & Facts You Should Know About Vitamins

With the magnitude of information that is relayed across our minds during the day, from the inundation of social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, TV and radio, it is no wonder why we sometimes have the facts mixed up about what is good or bad for our health. We are going to set the record straight […]

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Invasion of the Gummies

Originally marketed toward children, gummy supplements were brought to the market as a fun way to get kids to take their vitamins, giving parents a break from complaint. Now adults comprise up to 80% of the gummy vitamin market. Is this a symptom of the Peter Pan syndrome: not wanting to grow-up? Or is there […]

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The power of Vitamins in Athletics

Athletes’ needs athletes are often confused about how vitamins and minerals work, thinking they provide energy. Because they do not contain calories, micronutrients cannot boost energy stores. However, they are crucial for turning food into energy through metabolic pathways. For example, many B vitamins aid in energy being released from carbohydrates. Other important roles of […]

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