Melatonin: A Little Goes A Long Way

Melatonin seems to be synonymous with a sleep aid. Although it is the most common supplement used as a sleep aid for adults and children, melatonin has many other health benefits beyond the scope of sleep1. We will take a closer look at what melatonin is, how it helps our sleep cycle, and other significant […]

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Preventative VS. Reactive Health Care

Preventative VS. Reactive Health CareYou show up at the emergency room with a broken leg from a biking accident, you visit your doctor because you can’t get off the couch and are running a high fever, or you are anxious about a rash that has spread across your chest so you take a trip to […]

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Wearable Technology Is A Hot Commodity

Technology has evolved at such a rapid pace that keeping up with it could be a full-time job. For example, you walk out of your local cell phone store, happy as a yogi in a sweat lodge, with the latest model iPhone only to come face to face with a billboard advertising the next generation […]

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Benefits of PQQ

BENEFITS OF PQQ SUPPLEMENTPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) is an exciting new molecule that was first recognized in 1964 which helps improve mitochondria function, is found in healthy food and also interstellar dust particles (i.e. the stars)!Japanese scientists announced in 2003 that PQQ was in fact a previously unidentified B vitamin.A vitamin is a compound that the […]

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