Invasion of the Gummies

Originally marketed toward children, gummy supplements were brought to the market as a fun way to get kids to take their vitamins, giving parents a break from complaint. Now adults comprise up to 80% of the gummy vitamin market. Is this a symptom of the Peter Pan syndrome: not wanting to grow-up? Or is there […]

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Hot Trends In The Nutraceutical Industry

Since the onset on the Covid-19 pandemic Nutraceuticals have been flying off shelves faster than flatscreen TV’s during a Black-Friday-Blowout-Sale. The nutraceutical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today and to many this does not come as a surprise. Some of you are probably still saying to yourself, “Nutra-what?” Nutraceuticals are any product that […]

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A Major Strain On The Supply Chain

You may have noticed large gaps in shelves at your local grocery store that held familiar products, such as your favorite salad dressing, which were normally stocked to capacity. This shortage in products is a direct result of the faltering supply chain that is occurring worldwide. Currently, one of the largest contributors to this supply […]

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Immunity Boosting in Light of COVID-19

How do I boost my immune system? Should I try to improve my immune system during COVID-19? Which supplements should I take to boost my immune system? What natural methods can I take to improve my immune system?The world is a scary place right now. COVID-19 has claimed many lives and it all came down […]

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